• Montana’s water ways and other natural resources are not replaceable once contaminated by fossil fuels.
  • Fossil fuels and other highly destructive & contaminating resource extraction, are simply out-dated.
  • Take ample time to discern the the science from the rhetoric to make educated & reasonable decisions.
  • Our children’s futures are what we are regarding, and solutions are what we work toward.
  • It is critical to provide constructive and informative push back against powerful and harmful industries.
  • Most importantly do your homework in search of credible, accountable and actionable data sources.
  • Look to LINC for any assistance you may need in finding and resourcing dependable information.

LINC is here for you to contact to begin assessing solutions for your region, organization or effort. Together we can begin making a serious and impacting difference in your area, but it begins with you and your goals. Contacting LINC is the first step to exploring the opportunities and knowledge we bring to any action in support and protection of your water rights.

LINC is a logistics and operational support network with a mission of helping small communities repossess their rights to clean water ways and streams. By creating and maintaining a database of state regulations and standards for water protection, we as an organization can bring a wide support base of scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and resource conservationists to bear on a targeted region. We have the tools and resources to help small communities get in the way of invasive environmental business practices for the purpose of preserving safe and livable human and wildlife habitats.

LINC embraces the goal of building more sustainable rural communities to serve as examples for larger townships and cities in the State of Montana. The product of our collective is to allow Montana residents the chance to reinvest in renewable energy resources while inspiring jobs creation through University partnerships, innovative problem solving and holistic solutions thinking.