Agenda for 30 Oct 2018

Location : Payne Family Native American Center, (PFNAC) Room: TBD Time : 6 PM -7PM Introductions:  Come meet the gang Food Forrest, Grape bed update, and planning for the Spring. Energy Sustainability, Panel talk invited on the 19Nov2018. Winter Solstice Honoring, 22Dec 2018. Fall/Winter Education Series Ideas. New Business Next meeting: 6 Nov 2018, 6-7PM,  […]

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Agenda for 23 Oct 2018

Location: PFNAC, U of M, Rm: TBD Time : 6-7 PM Introductions: come meet new folks or reconnect with long term members. Food Forest/Fall Planting Update Energy Sustainability Winter Solstice Honoring Fall/ Winter Education  Series ideas. New Business Next Meeting 30 Oct 2018, PNFAC, U of M, Room: TBD Time: 6-7 PM    

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Agenda for 16 Oct 2018

Location: U of M, PFNAC, Room: TBD Time: 6-7 PM Introductions:  Come meet new folks or reconnect with us who are still around. Update on Fall planting. Energy Sustainability, Possible AERO climate panel talk. Winter Solstice Honoring in December. Fall education Ideas New Business. Next Meeting: 23 Oct 2018, 6-7 PM, PFNAC, U of M. […]

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