– Introductions: Who is new to the group? What brought you to LINC today?

– Where we left off at last week’s meeting: Extranet for members. How are we using it? What are some ideas we can try this week to use it?

– Upcoming holidays: What days will we be meeting and where?

– Pick a date for our end of the year gathering. Screen print t-shirts and patches at the Z.A.C.C.

– Let’s check in. How is everyone doing? The past couple of weeks there has been much happening on the national fronts. What are we doing to take care of our physical, mental and spiritual well-being? How do we stay motivated and keep ourselves healthy so that we can continue being active?

– NASLA wants to know if we would like to meet. Would like to participate in Indian Law Week 2018. Let’s schedule a meeting with them.

– Professor George Price would like to help in our Spring Education Series. What were some ideas talked about?

– Update on glass mural community art project, “Water Is Life”, theme.

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