As students and community members from Montana state, we felt it absolutely necessary to not only understand the efforts that occurred out at Standing Rock, ND and Oceti Sakowin, we also felt the need to bring that wisdom home to protect the headwaters of the entire United States. The starting point for all major rivers in the United States begins here in Montana and if we can’t protect these waters then it does little good to fight for those protections elsewhere.

LINC is a logistics platform created to allow underrepresented communities access to an organizational entity focused on water protection efforts throughout the state and to provide intellectual guidance and advocacy in confronting the industries that operate in our region.

Our Core Values:
Diversity * Sustainability * Equity * Inclusive * Ecologically responsible * Accountability * Confidentiality * Awareness * Egalitarianism * Open Communication * Cultural Respect * Coalition Minded * Native Sovereignty * Posterity * Integrity * Resiliency * Humility * Proactive Listening * Strict Non-Violence